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alt_TOGETHER is a brand new global Network that connects members of the public to the world's most magical and inspirational wellbeing companies, helping you find balance, productivity and happiness - on and offline. In Real Life AND Digital.

But who are we? We are two friends with wildly different backgrounds, but with the same values. We are connected with some of the world's most magical wellbeing practitioners, and we wanted to bring their teachings and services together, under one digital roof, to celebrate and support the work they do. And to make it easier for health-conscious public to grow and learn from the products and they offer.

How did we realise we were on the same journey? It started off with one tiny project, born over dinner late in 2015. By January 2016 we had launched the #StopScrolling Challenge, which has had over 4,000 sign-ups to date. After this, we decided to found Screenless Sessions, monthly activities in London that don't involve our phones. Our passion for digital balance has led to a book exploring society's technological dependence - due out in 2018. Read more about all of our digital fitness projects here. 

After the success and - most importantly - FUN we had working together, we decided to take the plunge and take our mission global. That's how the alt_TOGETHER Network was born. Thank you for being a part of it.

About Zoë Elizabeth


Zoë is an Intuitive Therapist, qualified Diploma level Counsellor, accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Zoë is also an Advanced Level EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting (EFTMRA) Energy Psychology Practitioner. Matrix Reimprinting is an energy psychology technique which combines the use of the body mind with quantum physics and New Science for life transformation. Her innovative and holistic style of personal development integrates Gestalt counselling, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting techniques, promoting deep and lasting change. Zoë has also run therapeutic workshops for client including Soho House, Mind Body Bowl, Good Life Yoga and Samphire Festival. She’s worked as a Counsellor for a number of mental health organisations, most notably Mind, Women’s Trust, Rise and CRI. Areas addressed in sessions with Zoë include the mind, body and spirit; the subconscious, the body's energy systems and our mental and energetic emotions.

Alongside her counselling, Zoë has multiple clients in the self-development and wellness industry, working on events, retreats and online therapeutic programmes. These are innovators who have made spiritual practices relevant to a mainstream audience in a practical way. These clients include: Tanya Borowski, FRAME, Matthew Hussey Coaching, Obonjan, Native Highs, Project Love, Nine Lives Yoga, Equilibrium, House by the Sea and Zojul.

About Jessica Riches

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Jess is a digital strategist who has worked with the biggest global brands - including the Nike Foundation, Toshiba, Pottermore, CoolBrands Marks & Spencer - down to the most exciting new startups. Jess has been named in PR Week's 30 Under 30 and the BIMA 100, and has been featured in media outlets including Channel 4 News, BBC News, ITV News, the Guardian, Reuters, TIME and the London Review of Books. She regularly travels around speaking at conferences and events and giving training sessions at all levels - from interns through to C-Suite.

As someone who is passionate about digital balance, Jess ensures the content and campaigns she works on are creative and valuable. And alongside her client work, she's passionate about promoting digital balance and grounding in this busy world.

Jess is also a writer. As well as her books, she provides copywriting services to brands, individuals and startups alike.



As well as our Network, we provide coaching and consultancy services for individuals, and combine our professional expertise to offer events and content assistance for companies in the wellbeing space.
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