The alt_TOGETHER  Values

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Our mission is to make the busy, digital world a happier and more balanced place. Our way of doing that - is by celebrating the magical people already sharing their practices with the world. We have the joy of knowing lots of these magical people already, and we truly believe there is strength in togetherness when we are all on the same mission.

Our unique skill is bringing the collaboration - connecting, supporting and promoting sharing between the magic people. Read more about the magic people in our Network here.

The values that unite our Network and our Community

  • Authenticity - align your work with your heart's desire
  • Global - everything is connected - borderless, equal, everywhere
  • Mastery - live, breathe, perfect and share your art
  • Responsibility - personal actions create endless worldwide changes
  • Gratitude - give, receive and act with kindness
  • Creativity - we are all able to innovate and inspire

And at the heart of it all:

  • Togetherness - collaboration, community and connection.
    That's our chosen art, our heart's desire.