About the alt_TOGETHER Network

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Our Network is made up of what we call 'magic people'.

What is a magic person? A highly skilled, authentic and kind person who has mastered their chosen art and is focused on sharing that with the world - as an individual, in education, as part of a startup, with a charity, or within a conscious global brand. They live and breathe their specialist skill, and they deliver so much more than just their product or service. Everyone says they are the best - and they truly are. They are the life-changers. We can only put that down to magic. 

What can we offer them? Strength in togetherness. More on our values here.

The purpose of the Network is:

1 - to provide free support and guidance to our magical members from an emotional and business perspective

2 - to bring our members together, allowing them to share skills and learning through collaboration and events

3 - to promote our members' incredible services, resources and practitioners to our community

4 - to introduce our members to corporate clients looking to run events or inject some balance and grounding into their business

The alt_TOGETHER Network is carefully curated and invitation only, starting with the people we've worked with, know and trust. However, if you provide a service or product that fits with our mission, please follow the instructions on our contact page.

See our full list of incredible founding members here.