Commit to yourself, your goals and your future

As wellbeing entrepreneurs, we dedicate our lives to bringing other people health and happiness. We need to practice what we preach! We are delighted to launch our inaugural retreat for wellbeing entrepreneurs. This purpose of this retreat is twofold. You will have the time and space for self love and a space to reflect on successes and goals by those who understand. At the same time, you will participate in a personalised daily timetable of activities that contribute to the growth of your business.

After speaking extensively to our Network, we discovered that most wellbeing entrepreneurs love the moments that they are practicing and brining their magic to world - but it's building the business, presenting the brand, growing and getting the message out there - to the people who truly need and appreciate it - that takes work. 

We've designed this retreat knowing that you cannot achieve personal success and bring your magic to the masses without:

- practicing what you preach and dedicating time to self-love and relaxation
- giving yourself new experiences to rejuvinate your creativity and align your goals
- building a solid sales and marketing foundation for a business that can grow at a pace that suits the life you're building
- being part of a caring tribe that fundamentally understands the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur in the wellbeing space
- collaborating with and learning from others offering similar magic to the work - and sharing reciprocally

While we worked on setting up alt_TOGETHER alongside our other work commitments, things we knew we needed to do to make this business a success got pushed to the side as we got stuck in the day-to-day. We wish we'd given ourselves and building our vision the opportunity to be our focus in those early days to kickstart the company and just Get Things Done! Luckily, we have backgrounds in working with startups, so we had the skills and needed to just find the time. 

We decided that it's time for a space to exist where wellbeing entrepreneurs can not only give their idea the time it deserves to grow, but also to provide the various building blocks they may need to build that business from a practical perspective. Just because you have a healing skill or a creative wellbeing idea the world needs, that doesn't mean you have all of the years of marketing and business expertise it needs to bring that to the world. And chances are, that isn't what you want to spend your days doing.

The idea of this week is that it's a business bootcamp for your wellbeing company. Yes, it has all the relaxing benefits of a retreat, and the added bonus of surrounding you with incredible people on a parallel path to you. But it also has a personal programme of business development depending on your needs, including websites, copywriting, branding, photography, goal defining, financial planning, campaign building and more. And of course, the vital space to put your goals and dreams centre stage and commit to them.

If you're interested in taking part in this first retreat, please complete the application form below. It's really important to us that people come on this retreat who will contribute to the like-minded community we are trying to build, and that we're sure we can build a personalised programme that will send you away with a renewed sense of purpose, and some practical wins.

We will aim to be in touch with more information the next working day.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this and for supporting our dream of helping wellbeing entrepreneurs succeed and bring their magic to the world.

Zoë and Jess


If you're interested in attending our wellbeing entrepreneurs retreat, please fill out the preliminary application form below.

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