What we offer


Remote Psychotherapy and Energy Psychology

Zoe offers remote Psychotherapy and Energy Psychology. She has helped hundreds of clients free themselves from issues like anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, abuse, relationships, career, health and wellbeing. Remote sessions create a consistent anchor amongst the ebs and flows of our busy lives and travels.

Zoe’s holistic method of Integrative Therapy combines Gestalt Psychotherapy, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. I get to the root of issues and negative cycles by working with the subconscious promoting deep and lasting change. Heal your past, expand into your whole authentic self, illuminate your truth and transform your future beyond your wildest dreams.

For more information visit www.zoeelizabeth.co

Zoë also offers group therapeutic creative workshops. As one the first ever Ambassadors of EFTMRA she also offers a 1 Day Introductory Course to EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting. Clients include Soho House and Mind Body Bowl.

Contact Zoë for further information.

Business consultancy

Jessica has worked with a huge range of companies on their growth and marketing strategies - from small, upcoming companies making their first hires through to companies expanding their user base and gaining traction or going after funding.

Whether you need a one-off session, short-term workshops or ongoing check-ins, and whether your focus is infrastructure, marketing or growth, Jess will put together a bespoke programme to help achieve your business goals. Her approach is strategic-hands-on and action-focused. Through Jess' enthusiasm and expertise, your business will change from day one, and you'll feel more productive, invigorated and optimistic.

Jess' focus is one of balance and grounding - helping you get the best possible results without having to experience burnout, and helping you learn, develop and grow without getting stuck on imposter syndrome, or waste energy on deceptively inefficient tasks. Remembering why you do what you do, what set you on this journey, will be the key.

Digital content and IRL events

To see some examples of the events and content we've created on our personal mission, click here.

Combined, Jess and Zoë have worked with a large number of wellbeing companies on a wildly exciting and varied range of services. Through our Network Members and beyond, we have incredible reach and experience.

From creating pre-event promotion materials through social media and content, putting together the programme for workshops and retreats or providing post-event through online courses, members areas and email campaigns - this is what we love doing.

We're able to create bespoke white-labelled solutions for your events, platforms or courses within a budget that suits your goals, and we can also arrange relevant partnerships with our Network Members and beyond.

For corporate clients, we're able to create bespoke wellbeing courses, away days and packages, focused on balancing the online and offline and establishing a work/life balance that works in this modern age, as well as running workshops and giving talks. We're able to tap into our Network to ensure the best impact for you and your employees.


For a consultation for any of our services please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!